Moir messages fall 2016

Happy fall 2016!

In this episode of Moir Messages we are going to explore the ever-allusive KITCHEN remodel and the steps that lead up to your new beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen remodels can be fun but also challenging at the same time. When the urge to renovate your kitchen comes knocking at the door, start by doing some window-shopping. Check out some home remodel magazines from the library. Go to the home show and local home improvement stores and look at the many options for your kitchen. If you find a product that you like, write it down. Ponder the use-ability of your kitchen. Figure out what works in the space and what you would like changed.

How do you choose a contractor? Ask your friends or check out Angie’s list. Who is currently working in your neighborhood and would the homeowners recommend them? Once you have narrowed down your list, check out the CCB and the contractor’s web sites. Then give us a call at Moir Construction.

The next step is the most important step in the process! Call and make appointments. Get to know the contractors that are showing up. These people, their employees, and their sub-contractors will be showing up to your house at morning coffee and leaving close to dinner time for 2-12 weeks depending on the size of the project. Look for a contractor that is willing to listen to your needs and is also willing to offer suggestions. Get preliminary bids on the project and ask for references’. And always remember, you get what you pay for. A bid that seems to good to be true is not necessarily the best quality or service.

You have chosen a contractor! Sign the bid and have fun window-shopping! Write down the products you like.  Your contractor should have given you budgets to work with in the bid. That $1000.00 kitchen sink may not be out of reach. As contractors we usually get a discount and our price may fit in your budget. Get your list of choices to the contractor as soon as possible as most materials need 2-6 weeks to show up on your door.

Prepare for dust! As much as we try to keep the dust down to a small roar, sometimes the dust gets through the floor masking, plastic barricade walls and the shop vacuums. Cover what you don’t want dust on. Old sheets and blankets are a cheap way to keep dust off TV’s, tables and Grandma’s priceless amour. Communicate with the lead man on the project. He may have Ideas for dust proofing the area.

Now is the time where the magic happens! At first, there is a whirl of action and chaos as your kitchen is changed. The flooring, walls, cabinets, countertops, sink and sometimes the ceiling are all gone. The lead man asks that you wear shoes when you walk into it. The electrician needs to know where you want the lights placed. The cabinet-maker needs to know the color of stain. The carpenter needs to know the model of the stove so he can vent it properly to the exterior. All of these questions may be answered from your window-shopping list that you have given your contractor prior to the start of the project. Remember that it is good to be flexible in the project as there can be unforeseen circumstances like dry rot and asbestos abatement issues that may arise in the project.

Then it slows down. It may seem like we are not paying enough attention to your project. We may show up for two hours in a day and leave. There are steps in the project that take required time to complete and unless done, the project can’t be completed. Wallboard coatings, primers and paint must be dry before the next step can happen. Building inspections can pose a time loss also.


The end is in sight!DSC01047

The cabinets are here and installed! The granite guys just finished the countertops, the walls are painted, and the appliances are installed and work. The lead man just showed you your new faucet and dishwasher and he said two more days left! We being contractors are not mind readers! If you have concerns, tell us, as we don’t know unless you tell us! This is where the lead man will do a final punch list walk through with you. This punch list is the final list of things to do and a list of concerns of yours that needs attention. During the next few days, all of the final details will be finished and you can move into your new dream kitchen!

With a dream, good communication, a little planning, patience, and our expertise, together we can build a beautiful kitchen of your dreams that you will love to share with your family and friends for many years to come! Please come and see us at the fall home show October 7th-9th at the fair grounds and help us make your kitchen, bathroom or addition project a reality!


Love your neighborhood? Why move? Remodel!



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