kitchen remodels!

Every one has a kitchen.

They may be compact, or they may be monsters. Or some where in between. We are nearing the end of a MONSTER kitchen/ bathroom/ oak flooring remodel in the Spring Blvd. area! Ryan has done a great job at keeping the progress moving forward, and over seeing the rest of the crew durring the progress. We started with the extensive kitchen remodel that included moving walls, doors and windows, new cabinets, oak flooring, quartz countertops, farm sink and stainless steel appliances. We removed the hinged door leading into the laundry room and replaced it with a now becoming very trendy barn door and track. Barn doors are great to use instead of a pocket doors as they very rarely fall off the track and are easy to repair or replace down the road. One week into the project…

I got the call. The call that every manager trying to keep a busy employee schedule hates. The boys found dry rot in the roof. They found the dry rot when we started to move the back door. The previous contractor didn’t flash the roof properly, thus causing the water to wick up and damage the roof sheeting! This unfortunatly is something that we have to deal with in the wet Oregon climate. Three days later and 1/3rd of a new roof, the dry rot dragon had been slain.

back to the kitchen remodel…

The electricians came in and did their part, the plumber had to be called in as the previous contractor ran the waste line through the upper cabinets, and the sheet rockers were done. Time to prime and paint, set cabinets, and start working on the hardwood flooring in the kitchen. Another change. While you are here, why not change out the tile in the living room for more hardwood. No problems. This will unify the floorings in the kitchen, living room and the entry. Then the kitchen came to a halt. We had to wait for the quartz contractor to fabricate the countertops for the kitchen. Not a problem as…

While we were there, the homeowner asked if we could do a modest remodel of the upstairs bath! That snow balled (at the request of the homeowner) into a complete gut and re-build of the bathroom! New tile flooring, bathtub, cultured marble shower surround, new vanity cabinet,countertop… you get the picture. Wow, quite a bit of extra work. Back to the kitchen.

We are waiting with anticipation for the countertops to show up so we can finish the odds and ends and give the kitchen back to the house sitters. During the construction (and reconstruction) I am proud to say that we kept the kitchen up and running of sorts through most of the remodel.

Both the kitchen and bathroom are turning out beautiful, and I think that they will be impressed with the out-come when they finaly make it home! Pictures will be posted here soon so please stop back to see the pictures in the near future!


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  1. Michael McGann says:

    And that kitchen, flooring and two bathrooms were mine. We were living overseas and had David rebuild our kitchen, two bathrooms and put in hardwood floors. While these were major builds and we were not there to watch what was being done, we could not have been happier when we walked into our house in August 2016. Everything was gorgeous and done to perfection. Everyone who comes into our house is surprised by it beauty and functionality. David has called us several times and visited to be sure that we were happy with his work. We highly recommend Moir for their professionalism, price, craftsmen and concern. We have had Moir come back for a few other little jobs once we got back. Again, even with smaller jobs, 100% professional

    • dmoir says:

      Thank you for your kind words. We had a great time working with you and would love to do so in the future. You were easy to work with even though you were literaly a world away! Thank you and enjoy your new home!

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